Tuesday, 14 July 2009

If no one's happy, then it's probably a fair decision

NORTH WEST regional organiser Clive Jefferson was down in St Helens last night as an observer for an arbitration meeting.

Chris Beverley came over from Yorkshire and Alwyn Deacon came up from Warwickshire to sit on the panel and hear all the evidence after which there was a unanimous verdict.

Apparently neither side was happy with the outcome which was something that disappointed Clive, but as I told him this morning, that probably means that the result was a fair one.

Hopefully the issue is resolved now, so it's all systems go in forging ahead to meet the challenges that we face in this area.

Nick was on Radio Cumbria this morning, you can hear his interview here. Nick's piece comes after 49 minutes.

While the interview was unnecessarily hostile, the report from it which appeared on the next few news bulletins was very acceptable indeed, with the quote used from the interview one which would have certainly been received with broad agreement by the majority of listeners.

A bit more info from the weekend concerning the arrangements for dispatch and enquiries.

This will now be based in Warwickshire with Alwyn Deacon in charge of all distribution and Richard and Tanya Lumby in charge of all enquiries. This includes sending out the information packs and the lists to regional organisers.

A massive training programme is being rolled out by the Party covering every aspect of running a branch. These will be held in Gloucestershire with a group of ten officials from a particular region at a time receiving an intensive briefing over a weekend seminar. The now customary team building exercises will no doubt be part of the programme.

The Red, White and Blue Family Festival looks well on course to being a sell-out and the biggest yet. I'm working on a promotion our two MEPs over this special weekend which will provide those there with something that will recall the great achievement of our Victory in Europe.

And finally a prediction. A little bird tells me that David Cameron is on the verge of disowning UAF.

Apparently he has been considering this since the College Green incident and the attack on Tony Ward. On Sunday his connection with the UAF was aired to the biggest audience yet on the Andrew Marr Show and apparently David wasn't happy about this at all.

Watch this space.

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A thoroughly good read Martin many thanks.