Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Meet the Liar of Painswick

Labour MP for Stroud David Drew has been exposed as "one hell of a liar" after an incident in Painswick

NEARLY 100 of his constituents in Stroud now know that their MP David Drew is a liar.

That's probably how many diners and staff at a packed hotel in Painswick in Gloucestershire saw or were aware of an incident that took place there a couple of weeks ago.

Nearly 20 British National Party officials were having a meal in the hotel after a day of discussion on strategy when a young man, who admitted to the local newspaper that he had been tipped off that Nick Griffin was in the hotel, travelled there to confront the BNP leader.

As Nick left the hotel after an excellent meal, the 18 year-old attempted to throw a glass of beer over him. He was restrained by a BNP official and then escorted out of the hotel. That was all that happened. Nick and his wife Jackie set off for London to appear on the Andrew Marr Show the next day, and the BNP contingent left for their various hotels in Stroud.

Apparently Nick's assailant returned to the hotel after we had left and was told that he wouldn't be welcome there again.

Yet this is what Labour MP David Drew told the House of Commons yesterday.

""I don't know why Nick Griffin was wined and dined in my constituency in Painswick but he was. It just so happens that one of my constituents took offence at this and happened to spill some beer over Mr Griffin. As a result of this he was given one hell of a hiding."

" . . . happened to spill . . . "

" . . . given one hell of a hiding . . . "

This is not just mischievous exaggeration by a political opponent, it's the deliberate distorting of the truth and done so by an elected representative in our Houses of Parliament.

Thankfully diners and staff at the hotel in Painswick who saw the whole episode will now know just what a liar their MP is.

The report in today's edition of The Independent can be read here, and on the BBC website here. Notice how the BBC report seems to imply that the beer was just "spilled", almost an accident!


anthony said...

what an excellent and informative blog this is i enjoy reading it everyday,you don't know when nick's biography will be out as again like this blog would be one hell of a read

Red Squirrel said...

So that's what David drew looks like; I went onto his website and all I found was a large photograph of a sheep!
The sooner we vote this red rabble out of power the sooner we can save our Nation and our Identity!

Shaydee_Lady said...

We all know the lengths these idiots go to, to discredit the British National Party.

People are opening their eyes to their lies. The meida won't print the truth so it's thanks to the hard work of activists.

Joan said...

I've just read this story on MSN News, Martin.

Labour's David Drew (Stroud) must think we were all born yesterday.

alanorei said...

The Liar of Painswick

I think there's a book in there somewhere, Martin.

Get writing...

Alex said...

Martin, this article is raising my blood pressure - not because of the silly kid who threw the beer, but because the British National Party have not yet decided whether to take action and prosecute him.

Eggs, bricks, kicks, placards, now beer - what next? Are the Party waiting for someone to be seriously injured or worse?

I don't like the other Parties' policies, but I have no right to attempt to injure any of their members. Nor would I do so.

I've only recently voted for the British National Party (my eldest son is a member, my third (and youngest) son is a BNP voter, son number two - well, we won't go there!), but the Party can't "turn the other cheek" when the safety of its leader and high-profile members is at risk.

If the police won't act, the Party and its supporters must.

This incident happened almost two weeks ago. What are you all waiting for?