Thursday, 23 July 2009

Will Redcar provide our best result today?

Lynn Payne is standing for the British National Party in Redcar & Cleveland Council's Dormanstown Ward.

THERE are four elections on today, three borough council elections and, of course, the Norwich North Parliamentary by-election.

As I have said on previous posts, our campaign in Norwich North has been hamstrung by the Party's precarious financial position and the fact that we are short on the ground with activists in this particular part of Norfolk. The Greens seem to have generated a bit of momentum and will probably pick up the floating protest vote, so I'm just hoping that our hardcore support gets down to the polling station.

The three local council elections are as follows:

Reddish North Ward
Thursday 23rd July 2009
Paul Bennett (BNP)
Norman Beverley (Lib-Dem)
Gareth Butler (Con)   
Gerald Price (UKIP) 
David Wilson (Lab)
May 2008: Lab 1341 Con 699 BNP 402 LibDem 321

Dormanstown Ward
Thursday 23rd July 2009
Joan Bolton (Con)
Richard Green (Lab)
Eric Howden (Lib-Dem)
Lynn Payne (BNP)
April 2009: LibDem 809 Lab 667 BNP 305 Con 125

Swanspool Ward
Thursday 23rd July 2009
Robert Hawkes (Con)
Daniel Jones (Lib-Dem)
Ann Reynolds (Lab)
David Robinson (BNP)
May 2007: Con 873/868/815, Lab 696/659/653

The election anoraks on Vote-2007 predict that Redcar will provide our best result with around 15% of vote followed by Stockport on 11%, a shade in front of Wellingborough on 10%.

Counting for Norwich North takes place tomorrow morning.


Anonymous said...

Good luck to everyone. At a time when we are losing troops at the rate of one a day for God knows what - apart from a wicked NWO/Globalist agenda (a lot like Globalist Warming and Globalist Swine Flu and Globalist this and that) just to rake in phoney taxes and armaments/munitions industry revenue - anyone who votes for the liblabcontrick or their bogus and nationalist decoys such as ukip/greens/english democrats/no2eu/jury team/etc, etc, is either an evil traitor or useful idiot or a parasitic invader lending his vote in return for all those benefits.

alanorei said...

We've had some pretty serious smear efforts mounted in Redcar and the legality of some of the material is in question.

We may get the predicted result but it may suffer from the UAF/nulab disinformation put out recently.

The Green Arrow said...

Fingers crossed