Friday, 24 July 2009

The peaks and troughs of the political sea.

I suppose it is hardly surprising that the Party is still suffering from the effect of that huge anti-BNP campaign that ran for four full weeks prior to the European and County Council polls in June.

Our result in Stockport last night was disappointing. Our campaign should certainly have been good enough to maintain our vote share from May 2008, so the 6.6% drop in our support, with it probably going to UKIP, is very depressing.

Clive Jefferson, the North West's Regional Organiser, says the result and campaign needs to be analysed closely to see what went wrong and while there may very well be some shortcomings in our electioneering, I have seen this sort of trough in our support before and it's a 'storm' you just weather. In time one of 'our issues' will get some big media coverage and our vote will be on the rise once again. The peaks will come with patience and help from more specifically 'honed' campaigns.

What the results of the last two weeks do underline is that it was quite an incredible performance to win our three county council seats and our two MEPs. I also think that polling day came just in time for us in these elections. Another week of anti-BNP stories in the media and we might have been left with nothing for all our hard work and the money spent. Having said that, if polling day had been a week earlier we probably would have had three MEPs now and another three county councillors.

While there are glum faces up here in the North West this morning over Stockport, I suspect that our hard-working team in Wellingborough are very satisfied with their 10% in Swanspool Ward. This was a very encouraging first effort.

Reddish North Ward
Thursday 23rd July 2009
David Wilson (Lab) 1218
Gareth Butler (Con) 403
Gerald Price (UKIP) 342
Norman Beverley (Lib-Dem) 303
Paul Bennett (BNP) 195
BNP Percentage: 7.9%

Swanspool Ward
Thursday 23rd July 2009
Robert Hawkes (Con) 548
Ann Reynolds (Lab) 361
Daniel Jones (Lib-Dem) 162
David Robinson (BNP) 120
BNP Percentage: 10.0%

Norwich North and Dormanstown are counting this morning and I shall post the results when they become available.

A story to make your blood boil can be found in the Yorkshire Post this morning. You can read it here

Doesn't this all smack of the Gestapo? It's what happens when any police force becomes politicised and the people to blame for this is not New Labour but the Tories who started the process during the Miners' Strike back in the 1980s.

"When his home was raided in 2007 he said more than 500 items were seized , including:
Union Jack flags;
a local BNP leaflet poster;
a picture by his 11 -year-old's daughter of his band with the Union Jack;
two laptops;
hundreds of CDs;
audio visual equipment."

It's unbelievable. This could be a case for Andrew Brons to take up if justice isn't seen to be done. There has been a gross violation of this chap's human rights in having items such as these confiscated.

11.40am UPDATE:

Dormanstown Ward
Thursday 23rd July 2009
Eric Howden (Lib-Dem) 805
Richard Green (Lab) 515
Lynn Payne (BNP) 145
Joan Bolton (Con) 73
BNP Percentage: 9.5%

1.10pm UPDATE:

The Reverend Robert West polled 941 votes in Norwich North which was 2.74%. The result rounds off a disappointing day.

We could have spent £20,000 (if we had had the money) on this campaign and might, at best, have saved our deposit and jumped up a place in the pecking order, but I don't think that minor improvement would have warranted the outlay.


Anonymous said...

I'm not convinced that all indigenous people are worth saving. Certainly where I live, their flip flop love affair with the Tories and Lib Dhimmis shows no sign of changing though the BNP did get votes in the low thousands for the Euros but failed to get our lead candidate elected. The system is stacked against any meaningful change in Parliamentary elections with establishment sponsored decoys all over the place for the sheeple to vote for instead of BNP, thus allowing the usual nation wreckers to remain in power. We will make gains but it will take an anarchic event (coming sooner or later)to finally destroy the illusion that these liblabcon swine are working in our nation's best interest. Even then, that anarchic event has got to be seen to happen which is not at all certain with the lying, controlled media. Civil war could be raging in Luton and the BBC et al would probably report it as just another minor disturbance between local youths. The wolves will literally have to be at the door (or even inside the door) before these politically naive sheeple stop believing and voting for it. I've been thrown out of (invited to leave) my struggling local by a politically brain dead landlord for 'talking up' the BNP and trying to explain what's actually happening out there with the smoking ban etc. We used to put a fair bit of money over that bar and I expect him to go under at any time. We passed in the street the other day and he said a sheepish hello with his head down. I'm afraid some people have to learn the hard way or not at all and sheeple like that are not worth saving imho.

Joan said...

Cheer up, Martin!

When our eldest son first voted for the British National Party (along with several of his friends) during his last year at Uni, we thought "He'll get over it." He then became a member of the party.

At the latest European Elections, my husband, our youngest son and myself also voted for the British National Party.

The adage "Rome wasn't built in a day" springs to mind!

Andy of anglii said...

Nil desperandum Martin! at least our trough isn't as deep as Labours, their is a large downward spike on a downward graph, where ours is a small downward spike on an upward graph.

I think we as Nationalists have to realise that we no longer live in a democracy.

I think what we need is our own press. I don't just mean BNPtv, Freedom and the BNP website but an independent media that reports on all news like all the main papers but obviously with our own slant on things. I know myself reading Nationalist news can leave you feeling depressed as did yourself today. We have to reach a wider audience and then drip feed the truth.

alanorei said...

In Dormanstown, the Lib Dim vote remained virtually static from April, owing to a widely regarded local candidate.

The other parties, Lab, Con, BNP all lost through voter apathy, 368 fewer people voted, with the turnout dropping from 37% to 30%.

We doubtless suffered additional losses through UAF/nulab disinformation. The orchestrated anti-BNP fabrications will have to be addressed nationwide, I believe.

Salford Supporter said...

I expected UKIP to eat into our potential voter base given that they have been regalvanised. The party election literature needs to go on the attack and rebuff the 'fascist' smear. A letter in the Boton News tonight which talks of their being 'more people who didn't vote for the BNP on moral grounds than those that did, however they do believe that the party has some policies that address their concerns'. Don't we just know it! We have to addres head on voterts concerns with us - most people don't look into these things in any depth. Therefore we must make it abundantly clear to voters that we are NOT 'fascists'.

anthony said...

martin,i have a full set of identities all bar issue 100,their was a mix up on papers and i have since moved from hertfordshire to somerset,attended first meeting in taunton last week,is that issue still available to buy,would be grateful if you could email me back.regards anthony

John B said...

Martin. You need to push the ideas of the party at the university level to capture the minds of the young upcoming professional class. Specifically you need to have a comprehensive explanation of the third way economic system ready for debate with a historically documented explanation of the rise of the international banking class and how it has caused all the suffering, together with an explanation of the post WW2 Japanese solution of nationalizing the bankster function and giving zero interest loans to internal industrial development. Then you ought to advance an international vision of multiculturalism where each unique culture in the world has its protected homeland, together with an illustration the of cultural destruction caused by colonization, world wide. Every young BNP member should have these materials to sell these ideas at university Then when the SWP goes demonstrating they will be met with counter demonstrations of young people even stronger with slogans like "Marxist economic theories are nonsense" and "the SWP Antifa are Stalinist thugs".
Finally, I leave you with this thought; The real crash has not happened yet but when it does you will be ready to show how the Banksters caused it all and garner support from the libs the labs and the cons. I am sure in a years time the Tories will be forced to substantially close the door to immigration. Thus stealing your thunder on that issue, but they won't be able to fix the economy and that will open the wedge where the BNP will grow to eclipse the Lib Dems and the remains of Labour. If the Tories governing margin in Parliament is slim, a few by-elections or desertions from the Tories may enable a vote of no confidence and another general election. Cheer up. Mid summer is not good campaigning time, This fall you will have the economic issue handed to you on a plate.
Finally you should see that once professional people are intellectually convinced to support you it will ease your transition into the mainstream and give you a good base for recruiting future staff. Also, these people will be immune from Labour and Tory blandishments, and their contemptuous belittling of the BNP and its supporters will meet a cold reception and a scornful response, and that in turn will enhance your status with the non thinking sheeple , who subconsciously look to those with educated accents to form their opinions for them
John Bambey RPUSA