Thursday, 6 August 2009

The first of the Commemoration Cards

LATE on parade today as there were some vital tasks to undertake first.

I promised the BNP website editor that I would post an article on the main website each day while he's taking a well-earned break away. Yesterday I had to leave early for a meeting in Preston so was unable to do so - hence that was my first job this morning.

The second job was to send off to the printers the special, limited edition, Commemoration Cards for the Red White & Blue. If he didn't get them before lunchtime there might have been problems in getting the right delivery date. Hopefully everything is OK.

As promised, visitors to the website get the first look at the cards. This is the one for Andrew.

I'm delighted with them and have just ordered a couple of laminated A0 posters to hang up outside the EU tent.

You will be able to buy your 'personalised' A5 300gm gloss Andrew Brons Commemorative Card at the RWB for a bargain price of just £2.00. It's personalised because I shall be sitting at a desk in the tent writing your name with a special calligraphy pen or permanent marker in the space provided.

I'm hoping they will sell well and all the profits will go Andrew's English Fair Fund to help patriotic good causes in the Yorkshire and the Humber region.

The meeting in Preston was very enjoyable with a range of speakers at an excellent venue. The pub was spotless, the service was attentive and the buffet delicious. Preston are very lucky to have such place for their meetings.

There was an interesting chap there who Tina spoke with at length afterwards. A Morning Star reader who helped organise the miners' campaign during the strike! While a lot of what he said with regard to economic issues was spot on, but I was disappointed that he criticised Freedom, during my time as editor, for not covering enough economic issues. I don't think he's right there.

He was also wrong on another matter. He claimed that the National Front supported Margaret Thatcher against the miners. That's total cobblers. When I was the editor of NF News and later The FLAG, both newspapers backed the miners completely and carried numerous reports about our members handing over food parcels and joining picket lines.

Meeting of the staff working in the North West constituency office tomorrow morning, so I shall have to get this blog done before then.

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