Friday, 7 August 2009

Nick Griffin's Commemoration Card

SO here's Nick Griffin's Commemoration Card and below it the sign that will hang on our tent to advertise what we are selling.

This morning I'm trying to source some paper bags to put the card in to keep it in pristine condition once it has been inscribed.

Meetings for the rest of the day and then it's Saturday!!!

Any football fan will know what this means - three months of barren Saturday afternoons finally come to an end and I shall be hotfooting it down to Borough Park to see Workington Reds take on Hinckley United.

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Mr Commonsense said...

Martin ,a 1.3% increase on a previous 4.9% represents a 20% increase in voter share. At the next General Election 5% share should equal about 2 million votes based on 40 million participating.With the continuing groundswell support for the BNP we should possibly exceed this modest goal.Steady as we go lets make no mistakes and let us watch Liblabcon and the kippers continue their downward spiral.