Wednesday, 12 August 2009

'Riot Act' read to the new EU staff

NICK Griffin MEP pulled no punches at a meeting of all new EU staff held in South Yorkshire on Monday.

The staff were told in no uncertain terms of what was expected of them and any not pulling their weight would be off the team 'before their feet could touch the ground'.

We were told that we must "take responsibility", "use our initiative", "look the part" and be the "very best ambassador" for our two MEPs.

Nick also warned those present that they must be meticulous in their recording of the work they do to ensure that there is no "crossover" between work for the MEP and work for the British National Party. To this end each member of staff will have a journal which must be filled in on a daily basis to record the work done.

He reported that the European Parliament was looking at the constituency operation of two BNP MEPs with a magnifying glass and were being "assisted" by TWO freelance investigators paid for by the Labour Party. Their sole full time job is to monitor the BNP's European Parliament operation.

"They want to catch us crossing the line between EP work and BNP work. If this were to happen we will then be suspended and all are allowances stopped and you will be out of a job," he said.

Nick then recounted the details of MEPs who in the past have fallen foul of this not only using their EP money to fund their Party's political activities, but in one case to pay the wages of workers in a factory one owned!

But as well as laying down very strict terms of employment there was also a good briefing of what was expected of everyone politically. We must be proactive in all our investigations to show the constituents that come to us for assistance that we will do all we can to help them with their problems.

"We have to show them that we are different from the representatives of the Old Gang parties and that if there is a way to help them we will find it," he said.

"If we perform well as MEPs within our constituency, this will be the greatest advert that the British National Party can possibly have. Word will spread within the communities of the North West and Yorkshire that the BNP cares and will do its best on their behalf."

Andrew Brons MEP went into more detail of how the two MEPs could help their constituents.

"We can make a speech in the European Parliament. We can make a speech in our parliamentary committee. We can ask questions which will receive a written answer and we can make a written declaration," he said.

Both MEPs need expert advice for the committees that they are on and staff were asked to try to locate these people with the Party or within their constituencies. Experts on the environment, and industry, research and energy for Nick, and experts on constitutional matters and civil liberties for Andrew.

Staff were told not to expect any all expenses paid jaunts to swan around Brussels, their work was expected to be done within the constituency starting from day one working towards getting the two BNP MEPs re-elected in five years time.

It was a good constructive meeting which left us knowing what was expected of us for the next six months if we wanted to have our short term contracts renewed.

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The Green Arrow said...

Thank you Martin. All good stuff.

Out of curiosity, will we know who the research staff are, whether they are BNP members and are they all British Nationals?