Monday, 17 August 2009

That's my car!

WELL, there was certainly a bit of excitement for us at this year's RWB when Tina and I tried to get into our 10th Anniversary Family Festival on the Saturday morning.

Just after nine o'clock we tried to turn off the main road on to the secondary road leading to the site but our way was blocked by anti-BNP protestors who had just decanted from a couple of coaches. Police told us to wait in a nearby pub car park for 20 minutes while they cleared the road.

During this time we were joined by another fifty BNP cars and waited patiently for the police to do their duty and clear the highway . . . but nothing happened.

I think the police were quite happy to keep us in the car park and leave the lane blocked because the traffic on the main road was flowing as normal.

So we all got into our cars and returned to the road block - that's the bonnet of my red Rover in the photo above. Our convey had now blocked the main road and with BNP cars trying to come in from the other direction as well it was now gridlock . . . and so we waited with all the while further coachloads of anti-BNP demonstrators joining the road block.

By now all the locals were hanging out of their upstairs windows or standing in their front gardens to watch the events unfold.

After another half an hour, the police finally took action with a perfectly executed pincer movement employing officers from behind the road block as well as at the front to divide the demonstrators into two groups and clear the way.

To applause and cheers from the locals, our convey got through although, bizarrely, the police allowed the anti-BNP brigade to re-group once the traffic had cleared which delayed another hundred odd cars who had to sit for two hours before the road was open again.

This year's RWB was the best attended that I have been to and the regional stalls the most innovative yet. Obviously the lack of a drinks and entertainment license took its toll, but overall everyone seemed to enjoy the weekend.

We were down on Thursday to help set up and attend a staff meeting and only arrived back home yesterday evening, hence the lack of news on this blog.

The MEP's Commemorative Cards went down well but we have a few of the limited edition print-run left. You can still get your two cards, personalised with your name, by sending a cheque for £4.50, made payable to English Fair Fund, to The Secretary, PO Box 107, Wigton, Cumbria CA7 0YA. Please make sure the name to go on the card is printed clearly.

Details below.

Our stall was busy all weekend and Tina can been seen below drumming up trade. The front of the cards can be seen as posters hanging outside our tent.

And finally, a photo of Wetheral (Carlisle) parish councillor Tony Carvell (centre) putting up his tent with the help of friends on the Friday evening.

All-in-all a varied and enjoyable few days.


Bertie_Bert said...

RWB 2009 dedicated to David Cameron sponsor of the UAF.

maurice oatley said...

Hi Martin, I was in the car park, I too had a fantastic weekend, In a way Martin, David Camerons UAF and the police are one and the same dont you think!!!