Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Fiona's not a red, but probably just a blue . .

Some lovely photographs from the Red, White & Blue's Christian Service on the Sunday morning.

This is always a well-attended event and this year, in the light of the tragedy unfolding in Afghanistan, saw a large contingent of serving and former soldiers who paraded to the church tent. The Last Post was played at the end of the service providing quite an emotional finale.

Full marks to the Reverend Robert West and his team for a poignant and relevant service as always.

When I read the huge amount of rubbish written about the RWB and the protests from our opponents by supposed creditable news sources it makes me want to spit.

It is such a blatant distortion of the truth.

I don't often take issue with Simon Darby and John Walker over press matters by I'm afraid I have to disagree with their decision to allow Fiona Hamilton from The Times into the event, not once but twice!

I think the poison she writes is just as bad as anything that appears in the Daily Mirror and that she should be treated in the same way as the journalists from that rag are.

Now I have my theory about Fiona. She turned up out of nowhere in the run-up to the European Elections and started writing smear stories about the British National Party in The Times . . . and that's just about all she writes.

I reckon she's on the Blue State Digital payroll. That's Barack Obama's website team that was signed up for £1million by the Labour Party to try to stop the British National Party getting MEPs elected on June 4th. Hopefully when the £million has been spent, Fiona will disappear back from where she came from.

And on the subject of the media's apparent softly, softly approach to the violent protests outside our family festival, did you see that our Foreign Secretary has condoned terrorism! He said that it's OK if the cause is just and cited the ANC terrorist campaign in South Africa.

No doubt Milliband considers attacking the British National Party as a "just cause" and that's why the Government funded the thirty odd coaches that brought protesters from across the country to Denby at the weekend. Apparently they all were given a lunch box as well as a supply of free drinks.

And finally back to Afghanistan. We are told that our soldiers can occupy the villages of Helmand by day but when they go back to camp, the Taliban return after nightfall. This is Vietnam all over again and the whole sorry saga will end the same tragic way with the British Army, this time, making a humiliating withdrawal and the country being left to the enemy forces.

America lost 58,000 soldiers in Vietnam - let's just hope our Government sees sense before we get anywhere near that death toll.


Peter said...

I have to say Martin and I am not alone here with my comments and opinion and feelings on the matter. I see no purpose that it serves as to why ANY press and media need to be admitted at all at the RWB now.

Every year the BNP try to be gracious and accommodate the wolves in sheep's clothing, in fact they are wolves in wolves clothing, lets be honest. Year after year, its then more lye after lye about us.

I would even say that it does no good for BNP Nationalist moral either letting these media parasites into the festival when they are surely on a spying, reconnaissance duty for their employers. Eighty percent of people attending I suspect would vote for an absolute blanket ban on these, I'm sorry to lower the tone here, media scum.

Leave the media outside in future with the UAF while they are rioting. If the UAF start beating the press and media up, then they can report on that then can't they.

alanorei said...

FH's latest offering, Timesonline August 16th 2009 under the provocative heading Convicted Italian fascist Roberto Fiore addresses BNP followers in Derbyshire seems to vindicate your stance, Martin.

I think FH's evaluation of the RWB could be called biting the hand that feeds you.

I'd say well over half of the comments were favourable to the Party, though and anti-UAF, even where the commentators weren't in agreement with Party policy.

As usual, they can never coherently explain why.

But I guess if you've wallowed in the slough of multi-culti deceit for long enough, you accept it as the norm and any attempt to clean up the hog wallow is perceived as a threat.

rerevisionist said...

I have a facebook entry (name = Raeto West) with photos of the RWB festival; is the woman in pink - interviewing Nick - Fiona Hamilton? If so please confirm this - may as well do it on facebook - and I'll add a note to that effect.