Tuesday, 1 September 2009

The carnival is over is a great song

Apologies to the seekers

DESPITE the lack of posts I have been doing some work over the Bank Holiday!

At the office redecorating and brightening up the place up on Saturday morning, Sunday morning and Monday morning and answering a big in-box of correspondence each evening.

I'm in a foul mood this morning after two lacklustre performances from the Reds in three days. I made a rare away trip to Fleetwood (our nearest opponents) yesterday. The pies were good and the social club very welcoming - but the game was a nightmare. I already have the feeling it's going to be a long hard season.

It doesn't make one feel any better having to wade through this sort of drivel this morning.

Crowds celebrate annual carnival

Carnival brings people together

Carnival-goers display costumes

In Pictures: Carnival Monday!

One stabbing and 215 arrests is the price we have to pay in order to allow Afro-Caribbeans to celebrate THEIR culture in OUR capital city. "Ye Gods" as the late, great Ted Budden would have said.

Off to the office in my painting gear this morning and then back to update Nick and Andrew's websites this afternoon.


Bertie_Bert said...

A teenager suffered several knife wounds when he was stabbed at the Notting Hill Carnival.

The boy, 15, was found in Monmouth Road, off Westbourne Grove, in west London at 1920 BST on Monday by police.

The boy was stabbed in the leg, chest and abdomen. He remains in hospital in a serious but stable condition. No-one has been arrested over the stabbing


Natioidpatasia said...

Thank you Martin with these interesting news.

I am sorry to say this but for the last week I encounter serious problems to have access to Nick Griffin MEP's website. Everyday I read this message that "Firefox is not able to find Nick Griffin's website server".

I encounter this big problem whether I write directly the website address or I try from the BNP main website or directly from your site.

Sometimes after waiting for a long moment or trying 20, 25 times, I am endly able to connect to this website which then normally functions. However I seldom encounter this kind of problem with Andrew Brons MEP's website.

Well, this problem is very strange & I really don't understand why it happens for one week. Does anyone encounter the same problem when connecting to Nick Griffin's MEP website ?

Anonymous said...

Can you imagine this happening here?
Canada: Persecuted white South African Brandon Huntley made international race refugee

Farm Murders in South Africa (Warning: Graphic Images)