Friday, 4 September 2009

Let Rajinder have the honour

Raj speaks at a BNP meeting in Northampton.

RAJINDER Singh had a regular a column in Freedom, the British National Party's newspaper, back in 2003 where he wrote about the dangers facing countries with a growing Muslim population.

In 2005 Rajinder appeared on the British National Party's television election broadcast, again warning on the consequences of our Government aiding and abetting the expansion of Islam within Britain.

Over the last seven years, Raj has spoken at numerous BNP branch meetings where he has been well received as he recounted the terrible events in India after partition and how his family suffered at the hands of Islamic fundamentalists.

Nick Griffin said yesterday that the BNP must adapt or die, and he's right.

The Labour Government and Trevor Phillips intend to "put the BNP out of politics" with a series of County Court actions that will bankrupt the Party if we contest them. If we don't contest them, the Party will be closed down and declared "illegal".

That means that we will be unable to contest elections and, for me, a near lifetime of campaigning will have all been for nothing.

I first wrote off to express my support for the National Front in 1974. Two years later I joined the Party. In 1977 I became an official of the Party and in 1979 started editing the Nationalist newspaper Sussex Front.

In 1983 I became a full time worker and editor of NF News. In 1985 I became a political prisoner, after refusing to pay a fine imposed for an alleged breach of this country's race relations laws (see blog header).

In 2002 I became editor of Freedom and produced 80 issues before becoming Nick and Andrew's communication officer in July of this year.

With this political background, I believe I have the right to express my opinion on the future of the British National Party.

I say adapt and survive and give the brave and loyal Rajinder Singh the honour of becoming the first ethnic minority member of the BNP.


Bertie_Bert said...

Hear Hear, I think this will be the making of the BNP.
I didn't join the BNP because the BNP are white, I joined them because I want my country back, and I fully recognise there are many non white people that feel the same way and love living the British way of life. (The older British way of life , not the Marxist socially engineered one we have now)
This will throw off the wacist tag once and for all, leading to many on the fence joining and voting BNP, It also paves the way for the BNP to be in the police and prison service, as more and more people wake up, and support the BNP.
I'm sure there will be safeguards as to which ethnic minorities can join.
Good luck

Footslogger said...

Well said Martin. If Mr Singh would be kind enough to submit a membership application through me, I will be happy to hold his application pending a change in our membership criteria.I will then ensure that he has the honour of becoming the first member processed.
Colin Goodgroves
Online Payments Secretary

political mizz said...

I agree this could push us into mainstream politics quicker than we ever thought possible. Our first priority is to remove the traitors embedded in the establishment, if we have to open up our membership to do this it is a small price to pay, we need to be prepared to make sacrifices, but in reality how many ethnics would join the BNP ? It would be like me joining an womans African organisation- it's just not going to happen (well not in this lifetime anyway)....Donna

alanorei said...

I think Lee Barnes has already written an amendment to the Party Constitution to ward off the CEHR subversion.

What occurs to me (and no doubt Lee's addressed it) is that a condition for membership should be a commitment to uphold the British Constitution, in the form of its state documents; Magna Carta, 1688 Bill of Rights, Act of Settlement etc. and the Coronation Oath (preferably the pre-1910 one).

These state documents are, I believe, the highest authority in the realm. Neither the CEHR nor even Parliament itself would have the authority to challenge them.

But I doubt very much if any black rapper, Asian/Mideast Muslim or EEuropean illegal immigrant would countenance the British Constitution for a second.

If they professed to, in order to join and subvert the Party, they would no doubt reveal their true colours (no play on words intended) immediately so that summary and irrevocable explusion would follow.

The British Constitutional documents constitute an extremely powerful weapon and shouldn't be overlooked, especially not at this time.

Michael Woodbridge said...

If we are forced to accept non-indigenous members into our Party we should turn the tables on our enemies by joining forces with the newcomers and appealing to their idealism to initiate pioneering, homeward bound schemes for them to resettle in their countries of origin.
Regardless of the rights and wrongs of the Israeli situation the Zionist Jews have set an historical precedent here.
Few sensitive human beings want to be part of an undifferentiated mass, without culture or racial identity; only Marxists and Global capitalists want that. By uniting with other races and cultures to initiate programmes and putting our ethno-nationalist principles into practice before we reach government we might turn what could otherwise be our destruction into an unassailable victory.

littlenan said...

I agree that Rajinder should be the first non indigenous British member of the BNP.

He sounds a wonderfully patriotic man.

I also did not join the BNP because it was white. I joined because it supported the indigenous Brits and this Country, against the corrupt politicians in Westminster and the EU.

I don't hate any other race. I just hate those who want to take my Country or harm my fellow countrymen, whether they are islamic fundamentalists or eu fanatics.

It is great to hear a Sikh who believes in this Great Country of ours.

Let the hypocrites and thugs throw what they will. We will adapt and survive. They will not defeat us.