Saturday, 5 September 2009

Opposition in disarray

TWO items from The Guardian's "Comment is Free" section shows the angst being suffered by our opponents after Nick Griffin's brave "adapt or die" announcement on Thursday.

EHRC v BNP on all-white membership is an own-goal

Don't be fooled by the BNP

No comment from me needed here, but one aspect of the debate is apparently becoming clear on the so-called 'nationalist forums'.

Now I can assure you that I don't visit these sites, but a colleague does have the arduous task of monitoring them just to see what is being said. He reports that there's panic in some of the postings at the idea of the British National Party changing its membership criteria.

Nothing strange about that I can imagine you thinking, but what is strange is that some of the supposed hardliners are saying that the BNP should die rather than adapt, while others are saying that the Party must survive at all costs. It seems that the hardliners who wish to adapt and survive are those that are known to our monitor - they are genuine 'hardline' nationalists.

The ones who want the BNP to die are the unknown ones. They have ultra right-wing sounding posting names and say the most extreme things, usually condemning the BNP for being too soft.

The panic in the tone of the postings from these people has apparently alerted others, as well as our monitor, to the fact that these particular hardline nationalists are probably not nationalists at all, but just our opponents trying to stir up trouble.


Bertie_Bert said...

Well all they need to do is look on the main BNP website and see the massive overwelming support for allowing "nationalist" non whites into the party, that tells me the BNP are not waycist, which is exactly why I joined the BNP.
I want MY country back, and I am happy to share it with non whites that are settled and play their part in keeping Britain British.

The ILLEGALS, BOGUS asylum seekers, foreign criminals of whatever race or colour can jolly well trundle back from whence they came.
This is going to be the making of the BNP.

Peter said...

I for one feel menopausal, I'm not going through the change but I accept change must happen within our party to evolve, regardless of how unpalatable this is to a few and maybe to many.

Lee Barnes also has a good explainable angle on how this can work for us, as we have to turn this situation to our advantage, its no use moaning about it.

The BNP in my life far outweighs the disadvantages of the BNP not being in it, thats my opinion.