Sunday, 6 September 2009

Not a bad seven days.

First there was the Three Owls.

Then there was the British Legion.

Nick's "adapt or die" followed.

The BNP kidnap con was news on Thursday.

Opposition in disarray yesterday.

Question Time today.

BNP 'may appear on Question Time'

BBC forces Labour to rethink BNP ban

BNP gets a slot on BBC's Question Time

. . . and Workington Reds got a hard-earned point yesterday against third in the table Ilkeston Town.


Alex said...

Unless my ears deceived me, I'm sure I heard Joan Bakewell supporting the British National Party's forthcoming appearance on Question Time (The Andrew Marr Show, this morning).

Now there's a thing, the thinking man's crumpet giving the seal of approval to the BNP being invited to participate in political media debates! Nick had better be on his guard - Glenys will be offering him the champagne next!

PS Are you trying to lose members, Martin? I support Ilkeston Town!

alanorei said...

It is looking good, Martin

But, if the proposed QT goes ahead as planned, we will have to see what happens after Nick wipes the studio floor with any Old Gangster and MSM opposition.

The broadcasting establishment may then decide to re-rethink its policy on the BNP, unless of course QT ratings go through the roof. That will be the decider.

It's all down to a supportive Joe Public, I suggest.

Anonymous said...

It's looking rosy. The future is bright, the future is red, white and blue!

: D