Thursday, 10 September 2009

Painting and decorating

IF you take a look at the main website this morning you will see what I have been up to for the last few days.

We have had a huge renovation and decoration job on with a deadline for Monday afternoon when we hope to have the office up and running.

It's gradually taking shape but it has been very hard work.

It's just gone seven, and I shall be off shortly for another stint of 'making good' and painting but before I go I thought I would keep you updated on the local council elections involving British National Party candidates that are taking place today.

Here they are:

City of York UA
Heworth Ward
Jennifer Ayre (Liberal Democrat)
Barbara Boyce (Labour)
Denise Craghill (Green)
Jeff Kelly (British National Party)
Eddie Vee (Independent)
Andrew Whitney (Conservative)

Daventry District Council
Drayton Ward
Chris Eddon (Conservative)
David Jones (British National Party)
John Latham (Liberal Democrat)
Meg Price (Socialist)
Wendy Randall (Labour)
Steve Tubb (Independent)

Harborough District Council
Welland Ward
Barry Champion (Conservative)
Colin Davies (Liberal Democrat)
Geoffrey Dickens (British National Party)

South Tyneside MBC
Westoe Ward
Allen Branley (Ind)
George Crozier (South Tyneside Progressives)
Anthony Dailly (Conservative)
Les Lovelock (British National Party)
Bill Troupe (Liberal Democrat)
Allan West (Labour)
David Wood (Independent)

A straw poll of the election anoraks on the Vote-2007 website predicts our votes might be around this mark.

Heworth Ward - 10%
Drayton Ward - 20%
Welland Ward - 15%
Westoe Ward - 10%

If we can poll these sort of percentages, I shall be delighted.


Heworth BNP said...

I too will be very pleased if we poll 10% in Heworth.

However, because York has a hung council, it is a very significant election for Lib/Lab/Con & Green.

The Lib Dems have put out around 10 leaflets in my area and have canvassed twice. The others have put out around 5 leaflets.

We couldn't possibly match this level of leaflets, nor would we want to spend that much money.

What will be, will be I suppose. I'll message you after the count.

Eastmidlands Nationalist said...

In harborough our target is 10-12% we polled 9.4% in the recent county council election which this ward was part of. Geoff and his team have worked well putting out 3 leaflets in Harborough (possible the worse part of Leicestershire votewise for us) so the result will be interesting. Likewise will post result on here when i hear from the count tonight

Eastmidlands Nationalist said...

Hello Martin you may want to take a look at Cllr Owens blog

great bit on there about what he was upto yesterday and something we need to highlight. Daventry counting tomorrow

Eastmidlands Nationalist said...

Result from Harborough

Lib Dems 600 Tories 373 BNP 122 (11.1%)

I quoted on my blog earlier this week a vote of between 10-12% so about what we expected but up from the 9.4% we got in the county seat in June.

Well Done Geoff

Heworth BNP said...

A disappointing, but not unexpected result for the reasons above.

The full results were:

Barbara Boyce (Labour): 876.
Jennifer Ayre (Lib Dem): 608.
Andrew Whitney (Conservative): 591.
Denise Craghill (Green): 302.
Jeff Kelly (BNP): 172. (6.7%)
Eddie Vee (Monster Raving Loony): 25.

We could have spent a lot more and come closer to the Greens, but it would have been pointless really.

Basically, people voted for the Libs and Cons who were the real winners on the night.