Friday, 18 September 2009

First pics of the new office

STRUGGLING to make a contribution to this blog as the list of jobs that need to be done keeps getting bigger by the minute - a puncture coming to work yesterday didn't help matters.

However I can give you 'a first' with these three photographs of our new North West Constituency Office.

I must stress that it is just an administration office and not open to the public.

We are looking at another office which will be more of a surgery where Nick can meet his constituents. More on that later as negotiations for a prime site location are at a delicate stage.

Note that I have my own office which will hopefully give me some peace to write and away from the constantly ringing telephone.

Tina and Alistair are at one end of the main office.

. . . and Clive's at the other . . .

. . . and I have one all to myself.


Natioidpatasia said...

Thank you Martin to share with your regular readers these three nice photos about this functional administration office.

By the way good luck and best wishes for the BNP candidate in Penrith by-election on 8th October.

Eastmidlands Nationalist said...

hello martin not got your e mail address and really need to appeal for some money to help boston campaign where we have a fantastic chance of gaining another county councillor but at present the area has very little money and we need a little appeal for a donation or two to help us run a decent campaign. any chance of a push on your blog? please