Monday, 21 September 2009

Regional council Meeting in Wigan

THERE was a very good regional council meeting yesterday in Wigan.

It was a day long affair run by North West Regional officials Clive Jefferson, Alistair Barbour and Susan Mather.

Security training, working a Risograph printer, designing a leaflet, preparing local accounts and other essential aspects of running a local British National Party branch were covered.

After the training, the meeting itself took place with top of the agenda our motions for the Annual Conference. Discussions on these went on for a couple of hours, and two of the resolutions were struck out because they were deemed already to be BNP policy.

In the end our two resolutions to go forward to the Advisory Council from which one will be selected, concerned there being no exemptions from British law on religious grounds and the over-turning of the smoking ban in pubs.

Big week coming up with Nick in the North West for his constituency week and then an important AC committee meeting on Thursday. Thursday evening I am speaking in Liverpool and then on Sunday it's a meeting of the full Advisory Council in the West Midlands.

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