Sunday, 13 September 2009

Nearly there

Nearly finished the office refurbishment. I'm shattered and don't want to see a paint brush ever again.

The result from Daventry was ok:

Daventry District Council
Drayton Ward
Chris Eddon (Conservative) 314
Wendy Randall (Labour) 158
John Latham (Liberal Democrat) 138
David Jones (British National Party) 133
Steve Tubb (Independent) 129
Meg Price (Socialist) 55
BNP Percentage: 14.3%

Our election results since June are well below those in the run-up to the county council and European elections. The tidal wave of negative media coverage has certainly taken its toll but now it seems to be running out of steam and better coverage is coming in which should in the months to come be reflected in our vote.

This in The Independent this morning is worth a read.

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Anonymous said...

I hate the word 'oxymoron' but isn't "This in The Independent this morning is worth a read" a good example?