Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Normal service to be resumed

ALL the decorating and refurbishment has been completed so normal service can now resume.

It's been a long hard slog which has meant that my website work for Nick and Andrew has had to take a back seat as preparing the North West Constituency Office was the priority.

"With all your Euro money why not get professionals in to do the job?" I can sense you asking.

The simple answer is that we haven't had any funds from the European Parliament yet. Everything has been done thanks to the goodwill of our members and the money that the North West Euro team could scrape together from our already well-overdrawn bank accounts.

This morning I was hoping to get some reports on our MEP's websites but after posting one on Nick's, all the BNP-related sites seem to have gone offline.

Hopefully it's just for some site maintenance.

Back to the work on the office, and our thanks must go to Councillor Tony Carvell, David Fraser and Paul Stafford for all their expertise over the past week and a half in helping everything to take shape. Without their plastering, joinery and electrical skills it would never have happened.

It goes without saying that the North West team of Tina, Clive, Alistair and yours truly have also been on duty every day, with Clive and Alistair also finding time to shoot down the M6 to campaign in Penrith for the forthcoming council by-election.

There are some interesting European Parliament related trips coming up for BNP members so watch out for the details.

Trips for BNP members to meet Nick and Andrew in Brussels are being organised.

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