Monday, 19 October 2009

Media frenzy extends into Monday.

SO the abhorrent Peter Hain wants to deny the British public the right to hear the leader of a political party which received a million votes at the country's last nationwide election . . . . well, well, what a surprise.

This is a South African who has been discredited by the expenses scandal and numerous other political and financial 'dodgy dealings' trying to dictate to the BBC. I hope his demand receives the ridicule it deserves from the Corporation.

There's so much media coverage at the moment that it's difficult to keep up to date with it. I have just received a text from Clive Jefferson saying "listen to Radio Five Live".

This is what I have found this morning in the broadsheets.

The Times:
BNP launches online assault on Question Time panellists.
Oh dear, the rather dim Fiona Hamilton seems to have missed the fact that this was all covered yesterday by the Sunday Telegraph.

Daily Telegraph:
BBC could face legal action over BNP appearance on Question Time

Let's incriminate the BNP – not indulge it with Question Time

Nick Griffin: Sikhs and Hindus support BNP

The Guardian:

The right to be heard?

The Independent:

Hain aims to prevent BNP Question Time appearance

Nick Griffin was on the telephone yesterday evening asking me to investigate a photograph that appeared in yesterday's edition of The Observer. It claimed to show a National Front rally in Hyde Park in 1981.

However after a bit of research I found some other photographs from the same agency of the same event that were filed under British Movement and they clearly showed banners and insignia from that organisation. For anyone not around at that time - the British Movement was an openly neo-nazi party that was proscribed by the National Front. Anyone of our members found associating with them would have been banned.

In the article there was another discredited photo which had previously appeared in The Independent and for which the BNP received an apology when that paper tried to claim it was BNP members.

I have forwarded my information to the BNP website so hopefully this will be covered there in more depth.

"Supporters protest as Nick Griffin appears in Leeds Crown Court in 2005, charged with inciting racial hatred."

That's what The Observer claimed yesterday but the people in the photo are anything but supporters - they hate Nick Griffin and the British National Party even more pathologically than the Labour Party.

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Bertie_Bert said...

has anyone told Hain that the new law hasn't come into force yet?