Monday, 19 October 2009

Stand firm and stick together

Ten past eleven and it has been manic at home this evening.

Around eight o'clock we found out that another stolen membership list is due to be posted on the internet.

Quite how this list has come to be in the public domain is still being investigated, but I know the leak certainly didn't come from our end here.

According to a report that has just been posted on The Guardian website, the list appears to date back to April and is described as a snapshot of our 11,500 members at that time.

The Wigton office fielded all the furor that came about from the last membership list leak so I know, first hand, the concern that such publicity will bring to our members.

I urge everyone to see this attack on us as just another desperate effort to hurt us from an establishment that is living in fear of our growing support within the ranks of a disillusioned public.

We must stick together and stand firm in the face of this barrage.

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Alex said...

It doesn't matter to us, Martin - our entire family, our friends and our neighbours all know where our loyalties lie. Some have even joined the Party since we joined.

I'm quite happy to see the Membership List published, as it will simply show that the membership is growing all the time. However, I can understand that other members will be concerned.

The other parties should not be worrying about the British National Party's Membership List, they should be worrying about the BNP vote.