Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Snow steps in to save a chinless wonder

LATE on parade this morning due to the need to hire evening dress for this weekend's 10th Anniversary Trafalgar Club Dinner.

I have never attended one of these functions before so I am looking forward to it. A sign of the credit crunch times maybe was that Greenwoods were selling evening dress for half price. I bought a complete outfit for just over £100, when to rent it would have been £55. So if I wear it on two occasions I am in pocket.

When I woke up yesterday morning I was preparing for a very difficult day, but as the hours passed things just got better and better with the Party enjoying a £multi-million media advertising coup thanks to the Tories and their anti-BNP campaign.

What better way can there be to end a day than seeing Nick demolish chinless Tory Toff James Bethell on Channel Four News. Jon Snow had to effectively get in and stop the interview by interrupting Nick and making comments about the size of his poppy badge. Bethell had been floundering, even calling Nick by his christian name, something which is completely taboo for opponents to do on TV.

Personally we had a good day as well. After Tina was sacked as a mental health graduate because of her membership of the British National Party she took up a job as a part-time health care worker. This involved working every Saturday and Sunday to feed, wash and put elderly and disabled folk to bed. It was a poorly paid job but we needed the money.

At the time, the workers' union were campaigning for parity of wages with male care workers. Well, Tina left when she got a job with the BNP and thought nothing more of it, so it was a pleasant surprise yesterday morning to receive a cheque for £600 which was the balance of a new back-dated pay structure giving the lady care workers a fairer deal.

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