Friday, 23 October 2009

The bullying will backfire

AT last, back blogging. I was trying to update this site last night after Question Time but my site was down with a series of bizarre messages denying me access.

Huge response this morning with every call saying that the whole programme was a stitch-up and many of the comments on the newspaper websites are following the same argument. And I think this take on Question Time will gather pace as the day progresses and this will be helped by all the biased headlines this morning.

Brits don't like victimisation, and that is happening to Nick at the moment. The political elite and their friends in the media are misreading the mood of the nation and their bullying tactics will backfire.

One of our local councillors has just popped into the office and she says that all the talk amongst young mums dropping their children at school was about Nick and the BNP. Not many watched the programme but had seen the news this morning and they all said that what they saw was very unfair.

And this very moment I have taken a call from a Jewish lady who wanted to congratulate Nick. She said he did very well in a difficult situation and that many people like her supported what he had to say.

I know Nick is shattered this morning after a gruelling week, but there is no respite for the BNP chairman with a string of interviews arranged for today. Tomorrow it's the Trafalgar Club dinner so at least then Nick will be able to relax amongst friends.

And I think that was the over-riding impression from what took place last night - there wasn't a friendly face in sight. Certainly no one in the Question Time programme was able to offer Nick any respite, and amongst all the other invited guests on every news programme there wasn't one who spoke up in support of the British National Party.

Just taken another call on the programme from another lady with that same word mentioned again and again "unfair".

And guess what . . . others think so too.

This is worth a read too.


Bertie_Bert said...

I was in the QT audience last night. Before we went into the studio for filming we were held in a holding room. (I was in there for over two hours) I was on my own and was never aware you could get multiple tickets. I arrived early and it became very obvious that groups of people were arriving who new each other. I spoke to three different people who worked for an agency who supplied audience people for the BBC.

Oct 23 2009, 2:56 PM
BNP4ME: Before the show the Chairman of the panel came into the holding room and encouraged us to boo and shout if we did not agree with certain things that were said by the panel. He said as we had Griffin on the show, we don't want to miss an opportunity.

This was an organised stitch up by the BBC.
- Peter, Oxford, Oxfordshire, 23/10/2009 10:56

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alanorei said...

One older member of the audience tried to raise the very valid point about the inconsistency between rising unemployment and on-going unrestricted immigration.

He was by-passed, I felt as the lib/lab/con contingent fell into a "Did not," "Did too," "Did not," Did too" etc." squabble about nulab's ineffectual immigration (non) policy, effectively trying to score political points off each other.

When I got to the gym this morning the talk in the change room among several retired gentlemen was about how the QT programme had been skewed simply to attack the BNP and that important q's of the day had been ignored.

It's also worth noting that when Jack Straw referred to the (then) Indians buried in the Peronne cemetery, he forgot to mention the major Islamic nation that fought for the Central Powers in WW1 - Turkey. That showed where Muslim sympathies really lay at the time, as now.

It must have been selective amnesia for JS on the night.