Saturday, 24 October 2009

WOW!!! Get the newspapers

THEY must be talking about two different events!

Compare the newspapers of this morning with the newspapers of yesterday. Nick has gone from villain to victim and that's because of the public outcry over Question Time.

And it's almost every newspaper, with only The Sun , Daily Express and The Mirror that are still out of touch - but then they almost always are.

The most important contribution comes from the Daily Mail in a report about the Question Time 'set-up'. There's a comment on my posting yesterday from someone who attended which confirms what took place.

There's also the revelation from a former Tony Blair speechwriter that Labour have encouraged immigration to change the demographic face of Britain.

For me, I'm interested in an article in The Times which says that William Hill have cut the odds of the BNP winning a seat at the General Election from 10/1 to 7/2 . . . money often talks.

I'm sorry there are no links but Tina and I are off to the Trafalgar Club dinner which is a very long drive for us. What a celebration this is going to be.

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sedgemoor said...

Can we have a "More Media Lies" sticker? You will remember the self-adhesive circular "BNP" sticker that appeared before the election (for use on mail only) - well, I know for a fact that some well-meaning (but misguided) people have been visiting their local newsagents, thumbing through the gutter press and discretely placing them on anti-BNP stories. Absolutely shocking I know!I would, of course, use my "More Media Lies" stickers (if I had any) solely for the purposes they were intended. So would it be possible for someone to get them made up???? It strikes me that they would be a low-cost and effective means of hitting back (on mail only of course)and very popular amongst Party members and supporters who would also use them for the purposes intended, I'm sure!