Monday, 26 October 2009

But the genie is out of the bottle

AFTER Saturday's brief respite in the media, the attacks on the BNP are back with a vengeance with the newspapers of the last two days full of the same old hate stories designed to whip up a campaign against the British National Party and its membership.

But I firmly believe that the public will now have a different slant on those stories to what they would have had before the Question Time programme.

The bullying of Nick Griffin on that programme and the gloating about that bullying that appeared in Friday's newspapers have certainly propelled the British National Party into the limelight with a considerable victim status, and any further nasty media attacks on the Party just go to elevate that victim status in the mind of the public even further.

I think the Genie is certainly out of the bottle

The higher profile of the British National Party increases the workload of those employed by the Party and who work for our two MEPs and the telephone in our North West Office has been been constantly ringing over the past few days with callers wanting to become involved or to offer support.

It was an excellent night on Saturday and contrary to what was said in today issue of The SUN, the dinner was a thank you to those who have supported the Trafalgar Club over the past 12 months. The only collection taken at the event was for the staff at the hotel for providing a brilliant evening with superb food.

We stayed at a stunning hotel on the outskirts of Ross-on-Wye and thoroughly enjoyed the whole weekend, although we didn't stay for Sunday's boat trip but made an early start for our long trip back home to Cumbria.

"EVENING": Hardworking NW Regional Organiser Clive Jefferson.


Ooops . . . . The Sun scores an own goal!. Our call centre reports donations flooding in after The Sun had claimed today that a "fund-raising" dinner in Ross-on-Wye was a flop.

Fund-raiser Jim Dowson is delighted:

"The Trafalgar Club dinner wasn't a fund-raiser, but thanks to The Sun it has now become one as the public, sympathetic to the BNP after the lion's den of Question Time, want to show their support."

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