Tuesday, 27 October 2009

The Stormfront Times

Well can you believe it?

The Times, once the newspaper of record, is using a so-called neo-nazi website that has more anti-nazi contributors than those who worship Hitler, as a source for its information.

This once proud newspaper is sinking to new depths at a rapid rate of knots and you just wonder why the current editor allows Fiona Hamilton's ridiculous anti-BNP tirades to appear day after day.

I see the 'fish killer' Matthew Collins was also contacted for a quote, but I have to admit that he is very knowledgeable on the subject of the Stormfront website. That's because he posts on it himself under three different names and often starts the anti-BNP threads before calling The Times to tell them about it.

You will see plenty more of this 'over-the-top' reporting on the British National Party in the run-up to next month's all important Annual Conference when the preliminary discussion on the possibility of changing our membership criteria will take place. Our opponents are desperate to whip up a storm of opposition to the proposed change in a last ditch effort to get our Party banned, and today's promotion of the Stormfront website in The Times is the opening shot of this campaign.

The flood of support for Nick Griffin after his performance on Question Time is unrelenting. There's telephone call after telephone call at all the British National Party offices from people contacting the Party for the first time to voice their support and express their disgust at the tactics of the BBC.

The British people don't like to see unfairness or victimisation. Their eyes have now been opened and, as I said yesterday, all these new attacks on Nick and the BNP only go to confirm our victim status.

Of course I'm delighted that The Times also boosted my 'street cred' within Party as mooting me as a new fuhrer. However this boost will be short lived if Colin Goodgroves' photo of me allegedly dropping off during the Trafalgar Club dinner at the weekend get circulated amongst the membership.

Colin calls the photo, "tired but happy" and I think that just about sums up how I was feeling.


political mizz said...

I think we are being attacked on many fronts and sometimes we do not even realise it, i think this revelation by Neather about mass immigration by nu-Labour, was designed to punish and provoke us and the British people in general, a few ministers (including Lammy) has said that if race hate crimes go up (and they weren't referring to anti-white attacks either) "the BBC and BNP would have blood on its hands", so of course they are trying to engineer this situation so they can blame us AND as an excuse to close us now, in the name of "community cohesion", i'm sure. I think we should be on guard for a false flag incident, they will stop at nothing...Donna

Joan said...

Martin, my sons keep telling me that you are a "dead ringer" for my cousin, John.

Now that I've seen the "tired but happy" photo' of you with Tina at the Trafalgar Club dinner, I think they're right!

Lovely photo', by the way!

alanorei said...

You'll never lose an iota of street cred, Martin, so long as Mrs Wingfield is in the photograph.

beppe74 said...

I've a good news about Rupert Murdoch.
He wants to control the lucrative pay-TV market in Italy but when he understood he had no chance he started a spear campaign against the italian PM Silvio Berlusconi.
Unfortunately for Mr Murdoch the italian PM has a media empire and a deep pocket so not only he could react to the smears but his government slapped a 20% VAT on TV decoders,a move aimed to damage Mr Murdoch.
What goes around comes around.
I posted this to put a smile on BNP activists' faces