Tuesday, 17 November 2009

34 years ago there was "Publish it Not"

Day off today - but there's no relaxing as I'm decorating.

I promised my two daughters that they would have a new bright lounge to greet them when they come home from Uni at Christmas, so I have to get cracking.

Last night I watched Peter Oborne's expose of the power of the Israeli lobby within British politics and the media. Shock, horror for Peter and some other ostriches who have had their heads buried in the sand for the past quarter of a century, but not for me . . .

Back in 1975 I read a book called Publish it Not by Michael Adams and Christopher Mayhew which said everything that Oborne was saying, only 34 years earlier. Thousands of politicians and journalists over the years have known what is going on but have stayed silent, and anyone who did voice concerns, like me, were branded an anti-semite.

I often get irritated by Hugh Muir's Diary in The Guardian, but not this morning. It even made me chuckle. If there was a contact email for him I would have sent him a 'thumbs up'. Take a look at the last paragraph, I'm sorry my laptop doesn't seem to want to link to it.

And finally never let Andrew Gilligan become an army general. According to his article in the Daily Telegraph this morning, Nick has made a mistake in choosing to stand in Barking because it is being ethnically cleansed much too quickly. Gilligan thinks the BNP should retreat from the immigration frontline back to Dagenham where there are more traditional Brits.

If Gilligan was our commander-in-chief, by the 2020 General Election our retreats would have taken us back through Hornchurch, Romford and Grays and our back would be against the sea at Southend.

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