Monday, 16 November 2009

Annual Conference over for another year

BRILLIANT weekend crowned by Nick's selection as our candidate for Barking.

I have been number-crunching the votes in Barking this morning and it's all rather exciting. You can see the outcome of my deliberations on Nick's EU website.

Delighted with the vote on the membership criteria, not because of what it will mean to our Party, but because everyone accepted that there was no other alternative. One of the best speeches came from Richard Edmonds - someone who I would describe as a 'hardliner' - he succinctly summed up the situation we face and the road we must take.

Here is a photo of the historic vote.

My selection as the British National Party candidate for Workington made the newspapers on Friday and you can read the report here

I wasn't "unavailable for comment", I just don't speak to the newspaper. At the elections this June, the bias against the BNP was appalling. Time and again they published lies about the British National Party and all my press statement and letters were ignored.

I certainly won't be speaking to the Times & Star again unless I get a commitment from the editor that there will be free and fair coverage of the election campaign. I won't need any publicity from the newspaper because I shall be going direct to the voters with my leaflets, covering the constituency over the next five months as well as using the Royal Mail for the distribution of my election address.

My main campaign issues will be getting our troops out of Afghanistan, stopping the windfarm juggernaut in Cumbria and the regeneration of the region's manufacturing industry.

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alanorei said...

Send the T&S a letter telling the truth, Martin, if you haven't already.

Don't let them get away with a false impression being conveyed to readers.

If they don't print your letter, then you have put down a marker to show in the future what a bunch of liars and traitors they are.