Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Anorak Time

I shall be standing in Workington at the General Election next May.

I am delighted to have been selected and excited by the prospect. I have promised Allerdale British National Party that I shall be pulling out all the stops to get the best possible result.

Let's take a look at some figures.

Back in May 2005 this was the result in the Workington Constituency.

Tony Cunningham (Lab) 19,554
Judith Pattinson (Con) 12,659
Kate Clarkson (Lib-Dem) 5,815
Mark Richardson (UKIP) 1,328
John Peacock (Ind) 381

The votes at the County Council Elections in June for the electoral divisions that include the 25 borough wards that make up the Workington constituency were as follows . . .

Conservative 7,278
Labour Party 6,865
Liberal Democrat 2,091
British National Party 1,336
Green Party 861
BNP Percentage: 7.2%

That would be a saved deposit for us and no mean feat on the stats considering we only contested 10 of the 25 wards that make up the constituency.

The cumulative votes for these ten wards were:

Labour Party 4,041
Conservative 1,666
British National Party 1,336
Liberal Democrats 892
BNP Percentage: 16.8%

Now that is a very useful vote share and I'm confident that it can be built on over the next six months.

Work is already underway on the campaign strategy and I'm jotting down ideas for the literature. First job next week is a newsletter to our considerable enquiry and membership list within the constituency to start geeing people up for the hard slog ahead.

Elections . . . I just love them!


Natioidpatasia said...

Congratulations to have been selected for the next general elections in May 2010 and best wishes for your future election campaign in Workington parliamentary constituency !

Tomorrow Thursday 12th November, Charlie Baillie will stand against 12 other candidates in the Glasgow North-East parliamentary constituency. Michael Martin's resignation from Speaker office in the House of Commons on 21st June 2009 was a stunning event even in France since it was the second resignation since John Trevor in 1695. I really hope tomorrow that Charlie Baillie will poll above 5 % in this urban constituency since it will be a great event for the BNP in Scotland.

Will104 said...

Thats excellent news martin, you've got our vote.

Bertie_Bert said...

The battle of Britain 2009.