Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Is there a daily newspaper with our name on it?

THE establishment are scoring some huge own goals and the repercussions will reverberate throughout the body politic of Britain.

I can't say too much at the moment as all these issues are ongoing, but suffice to say that the Labour Government and its cronies might have been able to deny the British National Party its legal rights before we had our two MEPs elected, but since June 4th it is now a very different ballgame.

There are six specific issues currently under scrutiny where the representatives of the British National Party have been deliberately discriminated against, when trying to fulfill their duties as members of the European Parliament. Legal advice states that it is against the "spirit of constitutional law" what is being done, while a political correspondent, one who has no sympathy with the BNP, has described the actions as "outrageous" and "sure to enhance the BNP's victim status in the eyes of the public."

Watch this space!

I was particularly pleased to note a comment made by one Nick Durst in the Sunday Times after the report on the British National Party's growing support in Blackburn, Stoke and Leicester. He wrote:

"If the BNP are growing then the first media outlet to give them a fair hearing will grow too. The public are interested in the British National Party and want more honest and unbiased reporting about their policies, rather than the lies printed in most newspapers which is designed to discredit the BNP. "

I'm hoping to see many more of these types of comment in the future. It will take a brave newspaper to make such a stand, but as support and the media profile of the British National Party continues to grow, such a move might become a distinct possibility.

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I wrote something on the London Patriot about the Sunday time' article:


I explained why no one can stop the BNP