Saturday, 28 November 2009

It's the West Cumbrian way

I went to Cockermouth on Thursday, just to take stock of the situation and speak to some local people.

Clive Jefferson, who lives in the town, and Eddy Butler, who was there on a fact finding visit for Nick Griffin MEP, were with me as we walked down the main street talking to residents and members of the emergency services.

We did a bit of filming for BNPtv away from where people were trying to salvage what was left of their belongings and down by the river. The strength and height of the Derwent was still very worrying, although the weather had improved and level of the river is said to have dropped.

We visited the home of a BNP voter and he told us the harrowing story of the night and how events unfolded. It all happened so quickly. One minute he was watching television and the next his car had been washed away and his lounge was knee deep in water.

He was busy cleaning up and getting on with life. And that seems to be the way of things. It's the West Cumbrian way.

Football at Borough Park this afternoon where there will be a minute's silence for the brave Bill Barker who lost his life saving the lives of others just a few yards from the ground. Borough Park itself was just six inches from being swamped but the double bank that protects the ground from the Derwent held firm and withstood the raging torrent.

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