Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Not the time for showboating or scoring political points

MORE rain, gale force winds and power cuts last night . . . and that's here in Wigton which is around 15 miles from Cockermouth and Workington.

Nick Griffin MEP yesterday submitted a written question to the European Commission seeking the position on possible financial help for West Cumbria from the European Disaster Fund.

Gordon Brown was right to come to West Cumbria and right to immediately offer aid, even if it was only a fraction of what is paid out by the Government in Foreign Aid.

The Health and Transport Ministers were right to come to West Cumbria to assess what needs to be done to help alleviate the problems arising from the current situation.

David Cameron shouldn't have come. All he could offer was empty soundbites and he was only here to 'showboat' and score political points. It is not the time for this.

Nick Griffin will be coming up to West Cumbria when the media circus has gone and it has become much clearer where help is most needed. There is a fund that has been launched by the Cumbria Community Foundation called the Cumbria Flood Recovery Fund, and unless there are more specific projects in need of funding, I shall be suggesting to our MEP that this is the fund which he supports.

Those readers of this blog who want to donate to this fund can find it here.

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