Monday, 23 November 2009

Taking each day at a time

I WAS on the telephone to Nick Griffin for around an hour yesterday lunchtime.

He was traveling to Strasbourg and wanted an update on the situation in West Cumbria and to discuss ways in which, in his role as the region's MEP, he could help.

The situation has improved and water levels have dropped but not before the Calva Bridge was damaged beyond repair. That bridge, along with the now disappeared Northside Bridge, were the only means of getting into Workington along the coast road coming from Carlisle, Wigton and Maryport. Now to get to Workington you have to come in from the east via the road from Cockermouth.

Photo shows Borough Park bravely resisting the flood water.

Tonight and Tuesday are the next key days of weather and at the moment for the people of West Cumbria it is all about taking each day as it comes and just hoping that there is no further destruction.


Joan said...

Really distressing headlines from Cumbria, Martin. The news about the policeman being swept away is too awful to think about.

I hope conditions improve soon and help will be aplenty.

Bertie_Bert said...

Nick Griffin European Parliament on climate change. 24 nov 09