Monday, 12 January 2009

"You can hear the BNP votes stacking up"

THIS is my favourite expression at the moment to describe the media's own goals as they desperately try to shore up Britain's multi-racial society and stem the growth of the British National Party.

I heard those BNP votes stacking up yesterday evening during Channel 4's news bulletin as presenter Krishnan Guru Murthy, introduced a report by Keme Nzerem about a 'home video' produced by Prince Harry THREE YEARS AGO. Murthy then held a long discussion with Labour MP Keith Vaz, about what punishment should be meted out to the young Royal who is at present serving in our country's armed services.

The votes were stacking up at a respectable rate during the ten minute report and discussion as traditional Brits were no doubt irked, to say the least, by the pronouncements of these self-important 'newcomers' who owe their positions of influence here in Britain as much to their ethnicity as any talent they might have for the job. But it was only after the next, ten second report, that the BNP voter-counter started clocking up the BNP votes at a more frenetic rate.

That 'ten second' report told us that ON THIS VERY DAY a British soldier had been killed in Afghanistan, most probably by a Muslim who had crossed the border from PAKIstan to carry out his mission. Ten seconds for the loss of a British life, and only AFTER ten minutes of hounding a member of the Royal Family for a throwaway remark. To me, that is a massive own goal by our media manipulators and shows just how out of touch they are with the thinking of the British people at this time.

I know those who visit these pages have also been to Simon Darby's brilliant blog, so I won't duplicate his report on the Hyde Newton by-election for Tameside Council. It shows just how worried Labour are, that they have dispatched a Cabinet Minister from London to oversee the campaign.

I can give you some information on our excellent candidate Rosalind Gauci. This from her election address.

Ros was born in Manchester, went to school in Levenshulme and Chorlton cum Hardy. She has lived and worked in London, Malta, North Africa and Saudi Arabia before moving back North to live in Ashton. For two years she was on the board of directors of a Housing Association in Tameside.
"Taking into consideration all my experience in working in other countries and my time with the local housing association, I feel I can give quite a lot to the community as a British National Party Councillor for Hyde Newton," she said.
Now widowed, Ros has 2 married sons and 2 grandchildren.

And here's a photo of this brave lady - good luck Ros.


maurice oatley said...

Hello Martin, a very good read, deliveries of VOF in Leicestershire have been put off today due to the rain we hope to resume tomorrow. Just wanted to wish Ros all the luck in the world she looks a very competent and friendly character.

wimwauters said...

this evening channel 4 news was even worse: Galloway ranting about Bush and shamelessly bigging up labour's new online forum, without mentioning the BNP of course!!!