Sunday, 18 October 2009

A Veritable Sunday Feast

HUGE press coverage this morning and I shall list the links below.

I have just watched Nick on Sky News being interviewed by Adam Boulton. He did very well indeed against an interviewer who, when he didn't like Nick's response, kept trying to butt in. This can't have been lost on the many of impartial viewers watching proceedings. Adam is of course part of Tony Blair's entourage having written the former Prime Minister's memoirs and married a key member of Blair's Downing Street team.

Here are the links:

In the Sunday Times

Taxpayer foots the bill for BNP Minder

I get a mention in this one. The editor's blue pen was at work here with the original "refused to pay a fine" changed to "failed to pay a fine" implying that it was lack of funds, and not political principle, that sent me to prison.

The BNP won't go away if we ignore it

Tough Question Time for BNP leader Nick Griffin

In the Sunday Telegraph

Holocaust survivors on Question Time

In The Observer:

How the BNP's journey ends up on prime time TV

In The Independent:

BNP attacks Question Time panellists

There are probably some other offerings in the popular Sunday newspapers, but I haven't trawled through them yet.

Last week I was in Brussels - doing the job I am paid to do (so no story for the Sunday Times there). Nick and Andrew are off to Strasbourg tomorrow and the following week both MEPs will be in their constituencies where I know there are some high profile activities planned.

Eddy Butler was with me on this trip to Belgium and he was gutted over our narrow defeat in Boston. But I don't share his disappointment. To me the result was brilliant - a welcome boost after a series of pretty grim votes. I even thought the Barnsley result was commendable, because although our vote was down, we have established ourselves as the main opposition to Labour in the town with the other parties nowhere.

Here are Thursday's results for those who missed them.

St. Helen’s Ward
Roy Butterwood (Lab) 1520
Lisa Brooksbank (BNP) 590
David Pickering (Barnsley Independent Group) 171
Neil Robinson (UKIP) 94
Clive Watkinson (Con) 89
Eddie Gouthwaite (Lib-Dem) 78
BNP Percentage: 23.2%

Hanworth Ward
Mark Phillips (Con) 640
Janet Keene (Lab) 377
Larraine De Laune (Lib Dem) 206
Jeff Newbold (UKIP) 139
Steven Gabb (Green) 77
David Penson (BNP) 70
BNP Percentage: 4.6%

Heath Hayes East & Wimblebury Ward
Thursday 15th October 2009
Chris Collis (Lib Dem) 314
Michelle Lucas (Con) 300
Brian Gamble (Lab) 267
Shaun Grimsley (BNP) 116
Sean Gleeson (UKIP) 51
BNP Percentage: 11.1%

Boston North West Ward
Thursday 15th October 2009
Andrea Jenkyns (Con) 597
David Owens (BNP) 581
Pamela Kenny (Lab) 204
Michael Sheridan-Shinn (Lib-Dem) 160
BNP Percentage: 37.7%

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